Wedding Cocktails

by Rose Marie Rosario on 14-08-2015 in Weddings

Thinking of having a signature-wedding cocktail or two for your wedding? Great idea! You can have so much fun creating a signature wedding cocktail! But you know what? Wedding cocktails are not restricted only to the Cocktail Hour of your wedding! You’ll be having all kinds of parties to celebrate your engagement. Engagement party and the Rehearsal Dinner just to name a few…

Signature Wedding Cocktails - Let’s start with the colors of your wedding. We can incorporate the colors of your wedding into your signature cocktails to introduce the theme to your wedding guests during the cocktail hour.  Are you having a Tiffany Wedding? Guess what? Turquoise or blue drinks are in!  You can add stripped straws to go with your signature drinks. It’s all about the presentation!

You can incorporate the theme of your wedding into the cocktail hour. Tropical wedding? Your wedding flowers are yellow, orange and red? Good news! The Goombay Smash is made with several different types of rum (a staple in the west indies) and brandy. It includes your choice of banana, orange, and/or pineapple juice. This cocktail has the colors of the sunset. So very romantic! Don’t forget to add a slice of orange to the glass for garnish!

Or perhaps you’re not a drinker? Not to fret! Cocktails can be non-alcoholic! Replace the alcohol with tonic water, ginger ale, carbonated water or club soda. There. You can still have fun for your cocktail hour! And if you’re against drinking alcohol but would like to offer the tradition cocktail, give your wedding guests the option to choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails.

When you schedule your meeting with your caterer or venue administrator, inquire about a taste test for you wedding. They’re usually excited to show you their experience and skills at bartending. You also have the option of naming your signature wedding cocktails. After all, it is your wedding.

As always, don’t forget to create a beautiful cocktail menu with the ingredients to display on the wedding bar. Your wedding guests will appreciate the small detail and will be the highlight of your cocktail hour.

Ok - I think after all this writing -I may have to fix me a cocktail! Perhaps a mojito?

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